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Imagine having a crystal ball telling you the future of your business or career.

Would you use that information and take advantage of it?
In the future, we as a society aren’t going to be using less technology, but more. The amount of technological innovation is growing at a rapid pace. 

Netflix > Blockbuster

AirBnB > Hilton

Facebook > Myspace

The companies that were once at the top of their field were eliminated by newer companies. Companies with access to the latest technology and innovations.

That means your business or the company you work for can go out of business before you even realize it.
This is the place for you to get Innovation Insights about the latest emerging trends in key areas of life.
Too often you see futuristic trends but can’t do anything about it since it’s so far ahead. However, the information I provide is about:

“What will make a big difference in 5-10 years from now?”

About Najeeb

Najeeb Khan is an author of the upcoming business innovation book to be launched this Fall. He also runs an eCommerce platform where he experiments with Artificial Intelligence in retail.
He is also a social entrepreneur using technology and lean business methods to promote social and community engagement. The concept of “1FOR,” the root word for an exchange that gives back, is the guiding principle behind the 1FORhunger, a social impact enterprise Najeeb founded and runs. 1FORhunger brings together citizens, restaurants and charities to solve one of humanity’s greatest challenges: hunger and food security.
Najeeb’s work has been featured widely in the press with features in publications including Forbes, The Huffington Post, OMNI News, and others. Najeeb is a fellow of the School for Social Entreprenuers Ontario and is recognized by American Express and Ashoka as one of the 45 “Emerging Innovators,” across Canada, the United States and Mexico.
Najeeb is co-founded both Toronto Bangladeshi Sports Organization (now BCCB Sports), an organization bringing together the Bengali Youth community in Toronto, and Chaara Fund Foundation, a donor-advised foundation in Canada. He was also an executive for Young Bangladeshi Canadian Professionals and a previous organizer for TEDxGTA. He lives in Toronto, Canada.



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