Software and Apps aren’t simply a way to solve all of life’s problems. It’s a tool and must be used as part of your system.

Evernote – I used this almost everyday to take notes, save articles and journal. See this post on the best way to use it.

Audible – How I finish books. Listen to twice the speed and listen while commuting. – Music based on neuroscience to help you concentrate while working or even help you relax while sleeping.

Pocket – A simple way to save articles that you came across to read later

1SE – 1 Second Everyday app helps me save and compose my 1 Second videos

Sleep Cycle – Track your sleep and wake up gently

Asana – a free project management software / app

Trello – a free task management software / app

Blinkist – a book summary app

To see more of my product recommendations, see my Product Hunt page