This page lists some of the books I’ve read and some that I read a few times a year. I listen to Audio books through Audible at twice the speed.

How to Stay Motivated – Zig Ziglar
Something we all need. One of the few books I listen to many times a year.

Delivering Happiness – Tony Hseih
Perhaps the best book about the importance of building a company culture and creating life long customers

What If? – Randall Munroe
We all let our mind wander sometimes and have interesting questions. Randall gives real scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions.

The Score Takes Care of Itself – Bill Walsh
Focus on doing your work right and less about keeping score.

Lean Startup – Eric Reiss
A great resource for startup and building a company. Test and learn.

Meditations –  Marcus Aurelius
Learn to live humbly

Art of War – Steven Pressfield
Battle your inner creative demon

Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod
Understand why having a morning routine can help all aspects of your life