The following is from the guidebook for Evernote Essentials. Although reading the entire booklet is worthwhile, specifically for tagging, I find the following Tao of Tagging incredibly useful for tagging all notes in Evernote:

“General subject” — I quote it here because I’m using it very loosely, but the subject of a note is a prime example of good tag material. If I create a note with a recipe for my favorite cumin-infused waffle batter, obviously we’re talking about food. This should be your first tag. “Specific subjects” — To continue with the cumin waffle example, I’d also tag it with “recipes” and “waffles” since that’s what the note contains. Brain surgery, I know.
Source — If you grabbed this recipe from that dusty box of index cards that shipped to your house along with the rest of Aunt Mildred’s worldly possessions, you might tag it with “Aunt Mildred”. If you grabbed it from some food blog or website, tag it with the name of the site. Project (if applicable) — If this note is part of a larger project like, say a cookbook called “The Ultimate Guide to Cumin and Breakfast Foods”, then consider giving it a tag related to that project. Many notes won’t be part of such a project, so obviously this can be omitted. People/places

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If the note references any people or places that you 31 find interesting, tag the note with those as well. Don’t be afraid to tag that note with “Lance Bass” or “Deluth” if it makes sense and you think it might help you find the note later on when you’re planning that road trip to see the N’Sync reunion.